We bought a female goldendoodle puppy (Blueberry) from Pam and she is wonderful! The pup was temperment tested before she came to us and her temperment is exactly as described - everyone comments on what a great puppy she is! She is so smart (she still hasn't had an accident in the house!) and gentle and very affectionate, obviously not kennel-raised. Pam was super helpful and gave me lots of great advice. Thank you Pam for our wonderful new puppy!

Sarah, April 21, 2006

Hi Pam!  Sorry it's been so long since we've been in touch!  Libby is doing awesome!  I wish we lived closer so you could visit her.  She is the perfect dog.  She's doing great with her training - she's finished her puppy training class and is now in a regular obedience class and is the star of the class - she learns so quickly.  The trainer was remarking on how unusual it is that she willingly makes eye contact, and said that she thinks that's a big part of why she catches on so quickly.  Thank you again for the training DVDs - we started on them right away, and I think they made a big difference in her training - she seems to soak it all up!  She is growing nicely, she was 45lbs. at her last visit, and they expect her to be around 50-55 full grown.  She's as curly as can be and is a nice golen color.  We had her groomed this summer so she'd be cooler, and they did a great job - she looks like a fluffy little teddy bear!  I'll attach pics!
Needless to say, the kids adore her!  I've seen huge changes in my daughter since Libby came home to us.   She's more outgoing and less anxious.  The little girl who was afraid to go into a room by herself is now perfectly content to go up to her room and read a book (of course her puppy is usually by her side!)
  More exciting news - Libby is already making nursing home visits!  She's been coming in occasionally since she was very small, but the last month she's been coming in twice a week with me, and my residents LOVE her!  She still has a ways to go before she finishes her training and can be an 'official' therapy dog, but she's working wonders already!  There  is one lady in particular that looks forward to her visits so much, and it's so great to see her smile light up her face when Libby comes in the room.  Libby does great at the nursing home, the chaos and noise don' t seem to bother her at all.  She's very good about not jumping up on people and she seems to enjoy all the attention she gets!   It's really neat to watch, because I work with Alzheimer's patients, they don't usually remember that they've met Libby before, yet when they start to pet her, there's this spark of recognition - it's just so neat to see! 
Sarah, Sept 13, 2006

Hi Pam!  I am so pleased to hear from you.  I have had dozens of people stop me and ask about where we got our goldendoodle.  I don't know if any of them contacted you but their is a great deal of interest out there.  The girls renamed Vanilla to April.  When she is in trouble it becomes April May.  She is an absolute delight.  She is wonderful around kids other dogs and adults.  She desperately wants our cat to play with her.  Our cat has other ideas though.  She is very smart and responds to positive training beautifully.  I think she has barked a dozen times at the most.  No shedding at all and her hair is so soft.  We walk my younger daughter to school everyday and all the kids (and quite a few adults) come over and love to pet her and hug her.  She is so well behaved, she just sits there and wags her tale and occasionally gives them a kiss.  My younger daughter and April love to wrestle.  It is quite a site.  Amy is 10 so she knows to be gentle.
We absolutely adore her and she is truley an amazing dog.  Everything I had hoped for and the family hoped for.
Charlotte 9/12/06



Pam, Just wanted to let you know that wally has turned out to be a terrific dog!
He is great with the kids - extremely patient - and does not shed!!!
we love him.

Rick 9/12/06

We bought Rolly from Pam. Everything went very well, Pam was quick to respond to e-mails and always answered phone calls. Rolly is so sweet and extremely smart, a very easygoing puppy!!

Camilla, January 8, 2007


Hello Pam, Jeff, Levi & Joy,
First off all, it was such a pleasure to meet all of you and all of the
puppies "face-to-face"!  We could certainly tell how much you all love
the puppies & have made it a large part of your lives.
Choosing one that was a very tough decision --- but
Amadeus (we are keeping the name) is wonderful!!!  What a great
traveler he is, too.  We all wanted him to sit on our laps the ride
JoJo is adapting very well and there is a lot of tail wagging going on!
  Plus JoJo loves all the puppy toys herself!
He did very well sleeping both nights, with very little whimpering.
I think most of the West Family was ready to hop in their cars and
drive to Pueblo to get their own "Amadeus"!  Also, as we were leaving
your house, we met the family in your driveway on their way to pick a
puppy & they seemed very nice.  I am sure all the pups will go to great
And I must apologize...I was feeling quite "green" after our long
drive!  It really didn't hit me til I was out of the car for a bit -
kind of like reverse car sickness!  I really wanted to chat with you
more, Pam & to hear the stories about some of your antiques.  I really
did enjoy our chat on the phone & our emails.  I will call you soon to
chat, once you aren't as busy with the pups.
Mark took quite a few digital pictures of Amadeus & JoJo last night.  I
will sit with him and look through them & send you some!  I just wanted
to get an email to you now!
We are all in love!!! So thank you!!!   Laurie West  Sept 10, 2007

Hi Pam,
I thought you might like another update on Amadeus!  I feel like a
proud, new mama!  :)
He is doing so well!  No "accidents" in the house yesterday or today. 
He is really getting into a little routine and loves to be outside in
the yard.  He played so hard today so he is sound asleep right now -
kind of like a baby!!!  Took him to the vet yesterday for shots & all
went well & he behaved perfectly.
The kids cannot wait to get home from school to see him & we have kids
and neighbors stopping by to say "hello" to him also (2 ladies came
over this morning to meet & greet).  Also, two neighbor-brothers come
over at least twice a day to see him & one of them came over last night
before bed just to say "goodnight" to Amadeus.
Amadeus certainly is bringing lots of smiles!  He really is a sweetie.
Hope all is going well with the puppies!
Laurie West Sept 12. 2007

She is doing just great.  Sat in my lap all the way
home - she did get car sick and upchucked her dinner
- but we refed her when we got home, and she kept that
down.  In the car she was aware of car and street
noises, but took all in stride.
The two older JR's are sort of pretending she is not
here  - although they are treating her kindly - she
spent the night in a box next to the bed and had no
accidents, no whining - she woke up once and put paws
on bed - I just put my hand in the box as you
suggested and she went right back to sleep - this
morning, I fed and took her right out and she
cooperated - then, all three dogs headed to the barn
with me to feed horses - she had a great time racing
around the JR's, sometimes tripping on her own feet -
we keep them away from the horses, of course - she
investigated the barn - then, they all came back up to
the house. 
She is asleep on the floor with me here in the kitchen
and the old 15 year female JR is sleeping close by so,
although they are not playing with her, she does have
canine companions of a sort. I hope they lighten up
about all this. Of course, they just lost their own
pack leader in our wonderful little Ebbie last week.
So they are in some sort of doggy shock, I imagine.
I think you must have done a terrific job in
socializing your puppies upto this time.  She is
really really a neat dog. Congratulations to you for
your hard work.
And whank you for her.  We will keep you informed . We
renamed her "Phoebe" which means bright moon and it
was a bright full moon last night when we got home.
Sandra Keeley Sept 27, 2007

You are welcome! She played so much when we got home last night - loves to follow Annalee around - they bonded evidently on the way home because Lilly went right to sleep last night by Anna's bed and as I write this at 4:50 am she is she is still sleeping! We must of wore her out. She figured out very quickly where our back door is to get to the back deck and yard. Anna was thrilled that she "taught" her how to use the 2 steps to get down to the patio and grass!
She definitely is going to be a blessing to us - I knew it when on the way home she put her paw over on top of Anna's arm - just like our Emma the Golden use to do! She had my heart right then and there! I bet you miss them when they leave - we were talking about that on the way home. That would be really hard - especially for a softie like me! Well, we have our own business and my invoices are due this morning, so I better get to work before Lilly wakes up! Once again, thank you! Enjoy your daughter's graduation!  Our children grow up too fast!  You have a beautiful family as well! Lori

Lori Lake May 21,2009



I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much we love
our puppy!

He has settled in very well at home. We still have an occasional
accident in the house, but they are becoming fewer and farther between.
He crate trained very quickly, and has been able to go all night in the
crate for quite some time. He is such a smart boy, and so eager to
please. He loves the kids, and can't stand to not be with them.

We have taken him on 3 camping trips so far. He is very comfortable in
the car, and my husband can't believe how great he travels. He's
content in the back seat with the kids. Our first trip with him was
over spring break, so we had 10 days together. He hiked with us nearly
every day. He also discovered his "inner water dog" when we camped at
Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas. He loved splashing with the kids
in the shallow water of the river. He isn't interested in the backyard
pool, but we think that will change when the kids start playing in the
water and he's sitting on the side lines.

Everywhere we take him, we get comments about how well behaved he is,
and how beautiful a dog he is. We did just get him groomed for the
first time a couple of weeks ago, so that he could be cooler as it heats
up down here, and also so that he doesn't get burs in his fur when we
take him camping with us. He is now over 30 pounds, so our vet thinks
he'll be close to 60 when he's full grown.

We are so happy to have Yogi in our family and he is getting lots of
love. He does think that he is a lap dog... All you have to do is sit
on the floor, and he curls up in your lap for some love. He loves our
kitties, even if they aren't sure about him all the time. He is so even
tempered, and really just a phenomenal fit for our family. He also
loves to dig socks out of a basket of clothes... But only the socks!

Thank you so much for blessing us with such a great pet!

I will send pictures soon.

Maryellen Roberson April 8, 2011



Hi Pam, Pike is doing great. I think the kids really wore him out yesterday but he is having a nice quiet morning today while the kids are at school. Brennan cried because he had to leave him this morning. He did well in his kennel both nights and only cried when he had to go out and potty. I attached a few pics of the kids getting to know him.Dani May of 2009

Hi! Thank you for the update, the new puppies are adorable. They look a lot like Bailey (Rolly) when he was little. We got a new litter ourselves, our twin boys will turn 1 in a couple of weeks :-) Bailey is very sweet and gentle with them and I think they will have a blast when the boys get old enough to play ball and run around. I'm attaching some pics of Bailey from the last year, enjoy!

Have a great day!
Camilla & Steve Sandor

April 29, 2009

This is Bailey and the twins!