Developement testing


Developement Testing

Pambriella Goldendoodle puppies are developement tested before they go to their new homes. Puppies are very malible and are like little sponges.  They learn very fast and if trained correctly they will turn into the wonderful dog you are hoping for.  They also adjust to their environment and will behave differently with different people. DEVELOPEMENT TESTING WILL TELL YOU WHERE YOUR PUPPY IS IN HIS/HER DEVELOPEMENT AT AGE 7 WEEKS.  IT IS A TOOL TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR TRAINING. It is only a moment of time in your puppies life.   IT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF WHAT YOUR PUPPY'S FUTURE BEHAVIOR WILL BE.  An outgoing puppy can be trained to be quieter and a shy puppy can be trained to be more outgoing and both of these behaviors are affected by the environment, socialization, and training the puppy receives.  This test shows puppy developement in the following areas...... 

On a scale of 1 to 6

  1. Social Attraction.........this shows the degree of attraction to people.

  2. Following.........This shows the degree of willingness of the puppy to follow a human.

  3. Restraint............This shows the degree of acceptance of restraint.

  4. Social Acceptance......This shows the degree of acceptance of human contact. 

  5. Elevation Response.......This shows the response to humans while in a position of no control.

  6. Retrieving ..........This shows the degree of desire to retrieve.

  7. Touch Sensitivity.....This shows the degree of sensitivity to touch.

  8. Sound Sensitivity......This shows the degree of sensitivity to sound.

  9. Sight Sensitivity............This shows the degree of response to a moving object.

  10. Stability..................This shows the degree of response to strange objects


This test is not to tell you whether a puppy is good or bad, but  it teaches you which direction you need to go with training and how developed the puppy is in each area of testing. This is why we feel this testing is so important in choosing the right puppy for you. We realize that each person will be attracted to a different puppy, mostly based on looks and color etc......., and although this is important as well, we encourage everyone to put looks secondary to the training/developement needs of the puppy that fits you and your family the best. The following youtube video is important to watch to help explain how to use the information from the testing.....

This proves to be very affective and so far everyone is very happy with their choice. We have placed puppies that are being trained to be therapy dogs and in homes with special needs children.