Puppies, like human babies, are very susceptible to contagious diseases, and viruses, including a virus called Parvo.  Parvo can be carried to puppies unsuspectingly.  It can be carried on clothing, shoes and even car tires. Parvo can kill a whole litter of puppies in a few short hours.  For this reason we ask that you visit us online instead of in person.  

We understand your desire to watch your new puppy grow so we photograph our puppies regularly, and post the photos on the puppy page.  We give updates and notices to families that are on our wait list to let you know when new puppy pictures can be viewed and at times share cute stories about certain puppies.

The only time we allow visitors is when you come to pick up your puppy. We ask that at that time, you do not visit other litters, pet stores, or any place where there may have been dogs that you do not know.  We also ask that you remove your shoes before entering our puppy area and wear clean older clothing.  You may also meet our parent dogs at this time or by appointment with the parent's guardian home. Please be aware that at times we use outside studs and we do have some of our parents in guardian homes.  If you would like to meet the parents to your new puppy and they live in a guardian home, please let me know and we will try to make arrangements for you to meet them.

Thank you for helping us keep our puppies healthy!



Goldendoodle Secret Ingredient Story!
One of the most common comments I hear from people husband just doesn't like the idea of having a poodle! Or, I just don't want curly hair because I don't want it to look like a poodle! But all of us Goldendoodle lovers out there know that the secret ingredient in the Goldendoodle is a Poodle. What I mean is this.....part of the reason goldendoodles are such great family dogs is because of the poodle in them........I offer the following experience.

We were headed out of town for the weekend and in a hurry to get away. Low and behold we got behind a school bus bringing children home from school. Of course, it was stop and go, stop and go, and we were about to pull our hair out! Then I saw something that made me happy we had gotten behind that bus! I glanced over to the right and saw a beautiful silver Standard Poodle standing at the curb. I first I thought, "Oh no! Someone lost their poodle!" then I saw the bus pull to a stop right in front of her. I watched the poodle stand there, ears perked up, tail up, and watching the door to the bus. The door opened and children piled out. Then she saw them, her kids! Her tail wagged a mile a minuet and she bounced in the air as only a poodle or goldendoodle can do! Then she turned and headed for her house, watching over her shoulder to make sure "her kids" were following her. It brought tears to my eyes and I thought.......if only more people could see this, they would think poodles are awsome! There you have it.......the secret ingredient! Everyone knows that retrievers are great family dogs and I hope that they soon will know that poodles are too! No wonder goldendoodles are the best dogs in the world!! LOL!!